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Inspired to create a totally holistic bodyweight exercise tool: Adaptable to everyone, for use everywhere!

Creator Nick Morris – is a student of movement, fun and life! With a background in professional sports and travels to all-corners of the world: The adventure is to create impact by Uniting people through fitness. As the early-champions on our planet advocated: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Nick’s philosophy of design is to use primal principles and apply space-age technology to optimize effect and efficiency to the absolute greatest bang for every molecule of effort you apply.

Our design is really just to Twist & Rotate…

Our current viewpoints appear warped from these simple facts by the overwhelming influence applied from the industrial revolution and the mantra of ‘machine’ – We’re not a machine, and we’re not designed to do repetitive, ‘mechanical-style’ motions in 2-dimensions.

We’re a living 3-d beauty that wants fun & play

Cable-Core is your tool to get a complete workout nourishing every part of your brain, body and being.

It’s a way for you to UNITE yourself, using your body to continually inspire and entertain you with awareness and appreciation – using a tool that glorifies the Twist and turns you’re designed to move with

Enjoy a United YOU – a combination of

  • Strength & Flexibility of Body & Mind
  • Empowerment of Spirit & Soul
  • Igniting self-control, Balance & Energy

This is the evolution of what Yoga is! Yoga means to Unite

Cable-Core is a tool accessible for everyone, everywhere and just in bite-size for complete nourishment

“Evolution requires us to continually refresh our competitive advantage.

To innovate forever is not an aspiration – It’s a design specification!

It’s not a strategy – It’s a requirement!”

Yoga isn’t about chants, trance or Lotus positions

It’s about inspiring and entertaining you into action and results

  • Move (and play)
  • Think (with an active & engaged brain)
  • Feed (nourishment into your body)
  • Thank (be aware and appreciative to the world around you)






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